FILM CREDITS. THE FELLING – An Epic Tale of People Power.

Produced by Jacqui Bellamy

Edit Director. Eve Wood

Main Footage/Interviews Filmed and Directed by Jacqui Bellamy.
Written and Devised by Richard Wood and Eve Wood.

Edited by Eve Wood.

Executive Producer. Richard Wood.

Executive Producer. Gary Stimson.

Additional Footage.
BANAMAN - Urban Archives, Rob McBride, Alan Story, Paul Wiseman, Gary Stimson, David Glass, BBC News, Sheffield Live! Community TV, BBC Radio Sheffield (audio).

Mobile Phone Footage.
Russell, Kaarina, Neil, Isabel, Jan, Dave, Mark, Craig, Devin.

Drone Footage. Chris Pickering.

Photographs. Chris Saunders, Jacqui Bellamy, Fran Grace, Deepa Shetty.

Camera for Interviews. Paul Wiseman, Jim Wraith.


Motion Graphics. Alex Noble.

Sound Design. Eve Wood.

Sound Mastering. Alan Smyth at 2Fly Studios.

Voice Artists. Gerry Fletcher, Steve Marles.

Artwork. Ian Anderson in The Designers Republic™️.

Legal Services. Tony Morris, Swan Turton LLP.

Soundtrack Bands/Artists.
Sieben, Rasp, The Cuckoo Clocks, Black Cat White Cat,
Don Valley and the Rotherhides, Rumpus, Benoit,
Mzylkypop featuring Stephen Mallinder.

The following artists appear courtesy of the 23 tracks in memory of Paul Bower album, compiled by Jamie Headcharge.
Adi Newton, Dean Honer, Andy Vonal, Fierce Whirlpool.

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