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FILM CREDITS. THE FELLING – An Epic Tale of People Power.


Producers. Jacqui Bellamy - see bio  and  Eve Wood - see bio 

Edit Director. Eve Wood 

Self - Shooting Director.  Jacqui Bellamy 
Written by Richard Wood and Eve Wood.

Editor. Eve Wood.
Executive Producers. Richard Wood and Gary Stimson.

Additional Footage Contributors.
BANAMAN - Urban Archives, Rob McBride, Alan Story, Paul Wiseman, Gary Stimson, David Glass, BBC News, Sheffield Live! Community TV, BBC Radio Sheffield (audio).

Mobile Phone Footage Contributors.
Russell, Kaarina, Neil, Isabel, Jan, Dave, Mark, Craig, Devin.

Drone Footage. Chris Pickering.

Photographs. Chris Saunders, Jacqui Bellamy, Fran Grace, Deepa Shetty.

Camera for Interviews. Paul Wiseman, Jim Wraith.

Sound. Jacqui Bellamy


Motion Graphics. Alex Noble.

Sound Design. Eve Wood.

Sound Mastering. Alan Smyth at 2Fly Studios.

Voice Artists. Gerry Fletcher, Steve Marles.

Artwork. Ian Anderson in The Designers Republic™️.

Legal Services. Tony Morris, Swan Turton LLP.

Soundtrack Bands/Artists.
Sieben, Rasp, The Cuckoo Clocks, Black Cat White Cat,
Don Valley and the Rotherhides, Rumpus, Benoit,
Mzylkypop featuring Stephen Mallinder.

The following artists appear courtesy of the 23 tracks in memory of Paul Bower album, compiled by Jamie Headcharge.
Adi Newton, Dean Honer, Andy Vonal, Fierce Whirlpool.

The Felling | A Sheffield Vision Film 2022.


Jacqui Bellamy Bio:

                           Jacqui has lived in Sheffield since 1993 and graduated in Fine Art (Mixed                                       Media). She moved swiftly into the film industry doing sound and later stills                                   photography, ranging through drama & documentary for broadcast TV and                                   cinema; academic documentaries; Turner Prize and Tate Gallery installations;                               and 13 years as photographer at Sheffield International Documentary Festival.                             She has also lectured in Film Sound at Sheffield Hallam University.


When Jacqui became aware of the tree campaign in late 2016, she decided to document events for posterity. As the authorities upped the ante against campaigners, she could see a vérité documentary in the making. 

Eve Wood Bio:

                           Eve, known as Everdien in her native Holland, is a feature documentary                                       producer, director and editor with a Masters in film and TV science from the                                 University of Amsterdam 1995 and studied TV Production at the                                                 Manchester Metropolitan University.


                           Her first feature documentary, the now classic 5 star critically acclaimed music                             documentary Made in Sheffield - The Birth of Electronic Pop ( DOCFEST 2001), featuring The Human League, ABC, Cabaret Voltaire) and the follow up, The Beat is the Law - Fanfare for the Common People  (LIFF in 2011) about the rise of the legendary band PULP and the world famous label WARP, have been screened on TV, Cinemas and Festivals worldwide (Sky Arts UK, Showtime USA, Japan, Taiwan Golden Horse.)


In 2020 Jacqui Bellamy asked Eve to come on board as, edit director and editor of what became 'The Felling' and Eve's production company Sheffield Vision, which she runs with her husband, Exec producer and writer Richard Wood, took the film on.

Working through 500 hrs of Jacqui's footage and interviews as well as protesters footage, radio clips emails, what's apps and legal papers, Eve and Richard were convinced that a captivating feature documentary could be made. They found Jacqui’s bold approach of going straight into the action incredibly brave. ‘She managed to capture an amazing mix of the disturbing, the comedic, the moving and the absurd with all the ingredients for a gripping David and Goliath drama.’ 

Jacqui, Eve & Richard hope this film shows the arrogance of public bodies and multinationals that seemingly feel they can get away with misleading the public to protect their own interests at the expense of innocent people standing up for what they believe in.

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